Simple Guidelines For Effective Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is something that you hear about a lot when you have a website. SEO is not something that you should neglect and you need to actively take steps to ensure that your website is properly optimised. If you are new to SEO, there are certain basic steps that you need to take which help you with this.

Your Website Design
A lot of people assume that SEO starts and ends with the content on your website. While this does play a large role, there is a lot more to SEO. One of the foundations of SEO will be the design and development of your website.

This aspect of SEO is known as the technical SEO and deals with the coding of your site. Clean and simple coding is the best for SEO because it is easier for the search engines to read and understand. Coding that takes a long time for bots to read will slow down your website and this will negatively impact your search rankings.

When looking at technical SEO, you also need to consider how user-friendly your website is. Can visitors easily navigate from one section to another and can they get back to the home page easily? Easy navigation is a vital part of your SEO strategy and you need to test this functionality as if you were a new visitor to the site.

Keyword Research
When hearing about SEO, you cannot avoid keywords research. This is very important because it will help you determine which keywords or phrases you need to target with your website and content. This research has changed over the years, particularly in the way that it is implemented on the site.

In the past, you would look for a keyword that has high search volumes and then optimise your website for this. Unfortunately, this resulted in some website ranking for keywords that were irrelevant to the website purpose. The search engines have adapted to this and keyword research is now a bit different.

While you still need to look for high search volumes, you also need to consider competition for the keyword and if it is an organic phrase. Organic phrases have become more important with voice search and will be the way that someone would ask their AI to search for something. Longer key phrases are also more important than single keywords.

Once you have completed your research, you need to determine how to incorporate your keywords into your content. Stuffing the keyword in as many times as possible will hurt your rankings. You need to ensure that the keyword naturally flows with the content.

Your Content
The content on your website is very important when it comes to ranking. Recent changes to the search algorithms have resulted in long-form content being seen as better than short form content. This is due to the fact that the search engines believe that longer content will provide better information and value to their users.

The content that you create needs to be high-quality and informative. You should also look at breaking the content into sub-headings to make it easier for people to skim. Most people skim content until they find the part that interests them the most and headings make this easier while also telling the search engines more about the content you have.

In the past, backlinks were very important for ranking which resulted in people buying links to their websites. While links are still important, the way they are viewed by the search engines has changed. The quality of the link is now much more important that the number of links you have. This means that a link to your website from an authority site like Konker will be better than 100 links to your website from low authority websites.