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How To Choose The Best E-Cigs For You

With each passing month, vaping is proving to more than just a fad. In many regards, it is here to stay. Importantly, vaping is providing smokers with an arguably healthier alternative to conventional smoking. With this in mind, more and more people are joining the vaping world.

However, deciding the best electronic cigarette to purchase can be daunting especially during the novice stages of your vaping experience, where you hardly know what your preferences are. The process of beginning something new is all about building your confidence and gaining familiarity, it doesn’t really matter if you’re seeking to be confident around women, or becoming the local vaping pro. Once you take some action and get started, the fear will dissipate quickly.

With this in mind, we will explore how to choose an e-cig that suits your needs, whether you are a novice or you are experienced in vaping.

#1. Level Of E-Cig Maintenance That You Can Live With – when it comes to maintenance, the electronic cigarette is the least maintenance intensive e-cig there is. You just charge and replace the cartridge. They are thus perfect for people looking for a maintenance-free vaping experience.

#2. E-Liquid Mixing Experience – For people that do not have any experience in e-liquid mixing or have a limited amount of e-liquid mixing experience, the best ecigs of 2018 comes with premixed e-liquids (in terms of nicotine concentration and flavor) is a good choice. However, for the lost looking to mix the e-liquids, the ego and mod variety are the best fit.

#3. Vaping Capacity Needs – With electronic cigarettes, the e-cigs are limited to about 300-400 puffs per cartridge. The batteries of this e-cigs are also limited. With this in mind, if you anticipate your vaping needs to exceed the limits of the e-cigs, you should opt for the much larger in capacity ego style e-cigs or the modes. The ego variety tends to have a larger battery capacity and a larger tank, which will last you longer.

#4. Vaping Control And Customisation – Vaping for a large part, boils down to a matter of preference. What works for you may not work for the next person. With this in mind, you should keep in mind your customisation needs. If you are fine with stock e-cigs that do not have a high degree of customisation, the cig-like is your choice. However, if you prefer having full control over the vaping experience, the mods are the best choice for you.