Growing Vegetables & Fruit Indoors with the help of local Grow Shop

This article is written by Mike Brosowski who is a leading hydroponic expert and an indoor grower also a grow shop owner in Dublin, Ireland.

Resist the temptation to always have homegrown vegetables with their own hands – it’s impossible! That is why the home garden becomes more and more popular. There is in this something insanely attractive – to grow out of unnecessary cleaning new fresh fruits.

Without much trouble on your windowsill, you can arrange a full-fledged bed. You can grow not only the usual green onions and garlic! Meet the vegetables that claim to take a place of honor at an improvised home plantation.

Dill, fennel, green onions and leeks

The roots of these vegetables should be cut off and placed in water, a container with a root system put in a well-lit place. Periodically, you need to pour new water, so that the root does not dry out. As soon as fresh green sprouts appear, they can immediately be eaten, and the spine should be planted again!

Cabbage, celery, romaine lettuce and bok choy

Cut the white root of the plant and put it in a bowl of water. Under direct sunlight, new leaves will appear in a couple of days. Also, these plants can be planted in the soil, but you need to make sure that the earth is very well moistened.


This unusual grass resembles a vine in its structure and it is also suitable for growing a house. Put the roots in a jar of water, as soon as they germinate, transplant the lemongrass into the soil. Often spray the plant with the spray gun.


Cut ordinary potatoes into small pieces, each piece must have an eye, from which the sprout will appear. Put the pieces of potatoes for a couple of days in a dry place, then put them in a nutritious and well-moistened soil. A bed with potatoes in the kitchen is a dream!


Ginger grows well by the type of potato, multiplying with nodules in the root system. Put a piece of ginger root with a knot in a warm and moist environment, when there are sprouts, very similar to a potato, transplant ginger into the ground.


From one clove of garlic grows a new adult plant! To germinate a denticle in a small amount of water in the light, transplant into the soil. When there are green shoots, it is very important to cut them in time. This will stimulate the formation of the head of garlic in the ground.