Top Spring Gardening Tips

Making A Great Garden This Spring

Having a garden can be one of the most rewarding things, but you will have to put in a little time and effort to have a great looking one. The winter weather is not so forgiving of your garden, but spring is your chance to restore your garden. Your garden will need some help getting back in shape. Below are some tips that will help you in your spring gardening.

Start by cleaning the garden

You will first start by removing all the debris (leftover snow and leaves). Remove weeds and ensure that their roots won’t grow back.



Revitalise the soil

After winter, the soil will be most likely dried out and packed and it is important to add moisture. Add organic materials such as compost and manure. You might test the soil to see the nutrients it needs so that you can give it the right mixture. Adding more fertiliser will increase the health of your soil and also increase the life of the plants.  If you want to tidy things up, you can’t go wrong with a nice Karcher power washer. Have a look at the full range at Careful Gardener – best Karcher Power Washer 2018.

Trim old plants

Plants that were able to survive winter need to be pruned so that they can grow anew in the spring. Consider doing it on mid-April or May in case of an unexpected freeze.

Add Mulch

You should consider adding mulch to the flower beds and garden in addition to fertilisers and organic materials. One to three inches of mulch will help in preventing weeds and diseases. Mulch also maintains the temperature and keep moisture. The mulch should be a couple inches from the stem of the plant because they can cause root rot.

Plant new flowers and shrubs

Once you are done handling the old plants, you will move to planting new plants. You should focus more on planting perennials and less on annuals. There is no need to invest in a plant that will require replacement every year.