Unfortunately, on February 25 Homestead Farms will be closing and will no longer have store and farm hours. 

Our farm’s progress has been put on hold for city development for years, and the endless construction project would only continue to hinder retail and agritourism business.  We’ve spent the past year praying and evaluating, and as a family we are sad to end this chapter, but are very excited about making our big ranching dreams come true.

We will continue to raise quality pasture raised meats, and deliver them to the dfw metroplex through our new business 3F Ranch. We are in the process of selling our current location, and plan to move to a MUCH larger ranch about an hour and half North West of North Fort Worth.  Here we will be able to raise more livestock with a rotation system that is beneficial for the earth and animals, that wasn’t feasible on our current small location.  To continue purchasing meat and follow our new adventure check out our website http://www.3Franch.com

It’s been an honor to open up our farm, be a part of the community, and get to know many of you.  We are grateful for the past ten years of support and appreciate your understanding as we close our gates